Choosing the right Computer

When buying a computer it can a task to understand all the jargon and what is the right one for you?

Desktop computers come in many different configurations such as all in one computers where the computer is built in the back of the Monitors/LCD screens to an ordinary desktop where it consists of a separate case and monitor and are a good choice for anybody who spends a lot of time at their PC or leave them on when they out and about (office workers, students, home user and gamers) as they can be upgrading and faulty parts replaced quite easy, they are designed to run for days on end and not have to worry about battery life.

You brought you desktop pc and decided you want to:

expand the hard drive capacity

Add more memory

Change processor

Swap cases


This all can be done and is the best way to keep your computer performance at the level you want it and up to date.

With peripherals been attached you don’t have to worry if you have a broken keyboard mouse and monitor etc they are very cheap and easy to replace and you can be back online with a trip down your local computer shop, unlike laptops and tablets etc