When best to choose a laptop

Laptops are a great device for on the go lifestyles, they are ideal for students and people who are in and out of the office, or for those that travel a lot. They are not really designed for prolonged use unlike a desktop. This is often where the user can make the wrong choice when deciding between a laptop and a desktop!

If you are a home user and use your laptop mainly at home you will have noticed the following common problems:

Laptops are not designed to be on for prolonged periods of times, or plugged into the wall socket and be used.  You should never let the battery go completely flat or leave the charger plugged in when the laptop is 100% charged. If you have been doing this you will have noticed that the laptop needs to be plugged in again soon after it loads up. This is mainly due to the constant use of the charger causing the laptop to heat up which over time will reduce the effectiveness of the cells in the battery.

  Even though they are called laptops, they should not be placed on your lap or a cushion as this traps the hot air and causes the laptop to overheat and thus damages the components over time, it also traps dust inside the fan and heatsink which is very difficult to clean without taking the laptop apart.

A laptop is designed to use low power profile settings which is built-in windows and can cause the screen to go dark and the laptop to run at half the processor speeds. When this happens the user will plug their laptop charger into the laptop because this makes the screen bright again and causes the processor to run at full power, the user should change the power profile setting to suit their needs. Always keep in mind the more power you use the quicker the battery will run down.