Gaming Computer

I wanted to write this article because in my time building and fixing computer’s not everybody knows what they have and some computer user it doesn’t really matter as long they can get online and use the internet, but this change when they have a child or a grandchild starts to come around and visit they want to play on their favourite game on your computer or laptop. 

Many people think a computer/Laptop will play any game and only realize when they come to use their systems for gaming. so what do I do?

well, the first thing is to do some research and if you are reading this article you on the right track so let’s get started. 




Normally when you see a computer like the one in the image below which says gaming PC and comes with everything you need and cost £379 in my experience these are not good for gaming,

These PC are really low level and are only any good for games that require minimal specifications to play such as web browsers games low-level games like Minecraft, League of Legends, Roblox, World of Warcraft and Facebook and even then you may need to turn down the graphics to stop stuttering and to get the game to play smooth (don’t take my word read the reviews from one star to 5 star and you will find customers who have made the mistake of buying a so-called gaming PC) 

So what do I look for in my new PC/Laptop?

I wish I could just right a list on what computer to buy for gaming and that would be it, but with computer parts such as motherboard processors memory graphics and even storage changing on a regular basis I would have to update this article every 3 to 2 months, so what I think is best is to write a base level that will be good enough for most games and will be good for years to come I will only do the computer tower, as a monitor keyboard and mouse can be brought from most place’s even though you can buy different monitors  and keyboard mouse specifications we will talk about that in a different article so moving on

Gaming Systems 1
Gaming Systems 2
Gaming Systems 3

AMD Ryzen 3

These are great processors and ideal for beginners, some will come with onboard graphics and some will need a dedicated graphics card, you can always but a processor with onboard graphics and if you become a regular user of the gaming PC you can always add a dedicated graphics card at a later date

AMD Ryzen 5

Mid-range processor these are great processors for the average gamer and will play most games without any trouble at all processors bar one will need dedicated graphics and are very popular

AMD Ryzen 7

Topline processors with up to 8-12 cores great processors for multi-tasking such streaming gaming video editing all at the same time without any trouble, so users who like stream on twitch Youtube and upload their videos to the web.

Ryzen 9

The Ryzen 9 is a 12 core system that many choose for heavy threaded application computer work, the Ryzen 9 is great for gaming multi-tasking creation work video editing. With a processor like the Ryzen 9 this will boost your productivity saving you time helping you get more done