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Our Expertise

iPad & Tablets

Express service 

Our express service is available for people who have just not got the time, what we do is arrange a collection from you take your device/system back to the workshop. Once we discover the issue we will let you know the problem and the fix. We will then drop the device back to your chosen destination or posted/shipped in some cases.

Business Service

Wright PC priority care is a full after-care service to provide on-going support and maintenance. Giving users confidence that they can deal with future issues, upgrades, rebuilds etc, with one contact with us and have the work completed efficiently. There are two options to choose from allowing care that best suits your personal requirements.

Virus removal

Including trojans, malware, rootkit, and spyware. We will run a full in-depth cleanse of your system finding and removing all cases and traces of viruses and malware as well as clean the startup processes and all registry entries associated with these programs. As further protection, we can provide solutions for you to help prevent them in the future again by installing the latest anti-virus and anti-malware programs.

Data Recovery

We can access hard drives or other devices that have crashed or can't be accessed. When it comes to recovering your data, we are thorough, whether it is from your hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drives etc. Sometimes your operating system files can get corrupted or important boot files may get lost, leading to a situation where you will need your data quickly, we will use the best available (for the assessed task) professional recovery software. We can recover to your instruction and to your chosen media/storage devices, data recovery services  

Data Back Up

Overlook but very important, worried about losing data we can take the worry away with a data back up service that suits you
  • One Click Documents/Pictures/Music backup to network or external drive
  • Scheduled Operating system image backups to network or external drive
  • “Back up and Shutdown” one-click solutions
  • Network Attached storage setup and support
  • Google Drive / Dropbox setup and help
  • Data Transfer between systems
  • Off-site backup

Windows Migration

Running out of space and need to upgrade your hard drive? Hard drive showing faults and becoming slow? see the Windows blue spinning circle waiting for application and files to open, If this sounds like the problems you are experiencing then now could be a good time to upgrade to a new hard drive and we can help in a number of ways;

  • 1. Transferring the entire user environment, (e.g. personal documents and settings), between two computer systems. This will allow the user's data to be added to a new installation of windows.
  • 2. Copy the contents of your hard drive to another hard drive, including your Windows installation and without the loss of files data and settings.

Whatever your goal is we are here to help. Get in touch now to discuss your options

Network Internet & Wi-Fi Connections

Wireless networks are commonplace in any home or business, there can be many reasons why your computer is not able to connect to your wireless router or network. We understand how important it is to resolve these issues so our we can diagnose and correct 99% of wireless network connection problems We can bypass most diagnostics asked by your ISP and can get straight to the problem saving you time and money.
  • Cannot access internet
  • Slow internet, pages not loading
  • Poor Wireless coverage
  • New Hardware setup – eg new router, additional wireless access points, Powerline Ethernet Kits
  • Adding Devices to network –  wireless printers-scanners-Network storage
  • Home or small office network creation and support ?(file, music, accounts sharing etc)
  • Email account troubleshooting and setup
  • Network Cable installation/Powerlines

Having trouble streaming TV and films into rooms through your network some devices cannot reach the wireless network at all, we have solutions that can help you get connected that does not cost the earth and does not require drilling long wires running through the house, new Hardware setup – eg new router, additional wireless access points, Powerline Ethernet Kits get connected contact us today.

PC Faults & Freezing Blue Screens

If your computer is not booting correctly, are you viewing error messages, (Blue Screens)? We offer a full diagnostic and repair service on all hardware and software issues. There can be many reasons why your PC has decided not to boot up properly. These reasons can be hardware issues like a defective hard drive, motherboard or software issues like virus infections, bad drivers etc. We will diagnose and fix faults...


We install hard drives, memory modules, power supplies, processors, motherboards, graphics and sound cards, modems, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, routers, (all at the comfort of your home) etc. We can supply replacement or upgrade components, or install parts which you have provided. 

PC & Laptop Repairs

Our repair services include everything from screen replacement to troubleshooting a dead computer to a complete diagnosis and repair of faulty components or software. Some common issues include; Computer won't boot, Motherboard fault, Screen hinge replacement, Hard drive errors, Memory issues (including upgrading memory), USB port damage, all software related faults.  

Entertainment & Parental Controls 

We help with set up of Smart T. V’s and games consoles. We can also set-up parental controls and how to monitor them to ensure your children stay safe online. 

Wireless printers 

Having trouble with your wireless printer keeps dropping the connection and re-connecting or cannot get it to connect to the network at all. Or had a new printer and it needs connecting to all your devices around the home but having trouble?

Home installation  

We know not everybody is comfortable installing their PC, that’s why we offer an installation service, with all our PC systems. If you live within the coverage area of WrightPC we will bring your new PC to your home or office and do a full installation, making sure you are happy and satisfied you’re your purchase. recommended if you will be having a water-cooled PC. for more about home installation

So whatever your needs we are confident that our local call out engineers can be sure to get you back up and running or build that dream machine for you.

Get in touch here and let us do all the hard work for you!