Data Recovery & Spyware Virus Removal

We offer a low level of data recovery, should you lose your files or accidentally delete them we can retrieve then using our software.

Spyware and Virus removal is a very important part of any PC or network, thus stopping unwanted access to your files!



Data recovery

Have you accidentally deleted files? Or deleted the wrong files? Have you emptied the recycle bin without backing up? Not a problem give WrightPC a call today and allow us to retrieve your files.

WrightPC data recovery service will restore files, whether they are deleted or lost, on all types of data storage media, such as the hard drive, memory card, digital camera, USB drive, and flash drive, etc.

We can recover your files from a wide range of devices and computers, tablets, etc. With our software, we can come to your home, office or any other location and retrieve your lost files for you.

Data Recovery

Back Up


Recover Files

All storage types


Spyware & Virus

Spyware is software that allows unwanted people/hackers to track your everyday computer usage and track your whereabouts. It is important that you keep on top of this issue, especially in our modern day society, this can be done through using antivirus, etc. However, should these measures fail, give WrightPC a call and we will be able to solve any problem/issue.


File Protection


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