Laptop and Desktop upgrades

Are you thinking of buying a new PC?

If so why not get in touch with us to see if we can give your old PC a new lease of life, there are many ways to speed up an old PC which could save you money and keep your device going.

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Processor upgrade

Please contact us with your system specifications


We can upgrade your motherboard to a later model, which as better features and a faster chipset


Need more storage or running out of storage, Windows installation moving to a bigger SSD/HDD


System running out of memory or a new game needs more memory, contact us for a quote to see what is solution is best for you

Graphic Cards

Graphics card upgrade, need more fps or the latest AMD FidelityFX Nvidia RTX

PC Case

Fancy a new case with more cooling, want to move your components to a new case, add some RGB lighting

PC Build

Building service, got stuck building your new PC or brought your components and need a professional to install them for you


Faster storage more memory or faster memory, contact us with your model number so we can find the best solution for you