Wi-Fi and network is becoming more important in our lives stay connected


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Have you got problems or do you need help with your network? From printer router switch set up, wireless security and preventing unwanted access to your network. Is your Wi-Fi struggling to reach certain parts of the house or building? Do you have connection issues, slow downloads, and streaming? We have solutions to get you full coverage all over your building.

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Wireless connection

The trouble with your wireless connection, it keeps dropping the connection and reconnecting or cannot get it to connect to the network at all. Or had a new printer and it needs connecting to all your devices around the home but having trouble?

Having trouble streaming TV and films into rooms through your network some devices can not reach the wireless network at all, we have solutions that can help you get connected that does not cost the earth and does not require drilling long wires running through the house, get connected contact us today.


Smart Home

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, with the use of smart bulbs, plugs, heating cameras, etc. This can be extremely daunting to set up and confusing. It is important to get this right from the very beginning. If not set up correctly from the start, it can be a gateway for unwanted visitors to your network. We have experience in setting up smart devices.

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