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PC & Laptop Upgrades

There are many different PC’s and configurations and every part in your computer can be swapped or upgraded. We specialize in hardware, knowing what is needed & when it's needed. We have built many PC's for our customers, (see our blog from gaming media office DJ’s Students to fully customized water-cooled systems).

Needing more memory when hard drive capacity is getting full? Needing a faster processor or different motherboard? Had a new case and want your hardware from your old computer to your new computer case swapping over? Wanting your Windows moving to another hard drive & need help with a new installation? Need better graphics to run the latest games? Want to upgrade but don’t know how to go about it? We are here to help call us to discuss your requirements! We stock a wide range of parts and we can have parts order in for the next day at very competitive prices.

Why upgrade? Upgrading can be a lot cheaper than going to buy another PC or Laptop and could save hundreds. There are many ways to boost your performance of your existing system, without spending too much call us to discuss your options.

How do I know if I need to upgrade? We have compiled a short list of common problems to help self-diagnose whether you may need an upgrade, sometimes there might be a software solution but if not it might be time to upgrade.

  • PC|Laptop taking too long to boot
  • PC|Laptop struggling opening applications when other applications are open
  • Seeing the blue circle spinning around and around and tired of waiting
  • Games running slow
  • Hard Drive loud when starting

We are specialists in hardware and pride ourselves on offering you the best solution at the best price.