Computer Systems

Custom built systems for every occasion

Here at WrightPC, we build custom computers for all purposes. Below is an explanation of our PCs for your needs. If something isn’t covered please don’t hesitate to ask!

Home and Low cost

These systems are built for users who just like to browse the internet or watch online TV and use Microsoft office suite, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook to name a few.  This system can come with pre-installed software as an option, please see the product page.

Gaming PCs

Here at WrightPC, we are extremely passionate about gaming, we make sure all our gaming systems have the best and latest components and are configured to the highest specification.  Meaning you get the best out of every game you play. Let us do the hard work and you can have your dream PC/ PCs delivered to your door.
With gamers doing more playing online and streaming we have systems with multi-core processors, faster hard drives and high memory capacity that will enable you to do just that! Stream and game encoding all at once. Take a look at our fantastic range of gaming systems, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Custom PCs

Fully customized PCs water-cooled, Servers, Media centre  

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