PC Desktop Repairs

Our services cover everything from, liquid spills, PC won’t boot, hard drive problems & upgrades. We have and will work on all makes and model desktops such as Samsung, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Dell and more



Why buy new when sometimes it’s more cost-effective to upgrade.

Upgrading your computer will give you better performance without the need for new. A desktop laptop computer

Depending on the age of your computer or laptop upgrading can be the best option just by adding more memory or a faster hard drive this can give a great boost in performance which could last you for another number of years.

With a Laptop the upgrading can be limited to memory hard drive and sometime and rarely motherboard, but by upgrading these parts customers have seen the difference from quicker boot up times faster loading of applications and games without spending hundreds on a new laptop.

Desktop are more capable of being extremely versatile. Upgrading the graphics card, memory, CPU, processor or adding more memory faster hard drives e.g. M.2 SSD, you will find your computer has new lease of life saving you money and giving you higher performance for many years to come.

Call now and speak to one of our fully trained technicians or use the form below to discuss your upgrade, please tell us as much as possible about your existing hardware, so we can get the right parts and price for your upgrade

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Faster Processor

Faster Memory

Faster Storage

Faster Graphics cards

More Power